Entergy Solutions -  A Louisiana program

Discover opportunities to reduce your energy use, save on your electric bill and improve workplace comfort with this free energy assessment.

How it works

An Entergy Solutions energy advisor will perform a one-hour walk-through energy assessment at your small business to evaluate opportunities for energy savings.

After the assessment is complete, the energy advisor will install select energy-efficient measures and recommend additional projects that can be completed by an Entergy Solutions trade ally to further reduce your energy use and lower your electric bill.

Free products

During your assessment, your energy advisor will install free energy-efficient equipment including LED light bulbs, smart thermostat, advanced power strip, faucet aerators and pipe-wrap.

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Save on energy costs for your facility.

Enhance the comfort and appearance of your business.

Lower your energy use.

Demonstrate your commitment to being environmentally conscious.


Commercial customers that receive electrical service from Entergy Louisiana with peak demand lower than 100 kW.

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To get started, email entergysolutionsla@entergy.com or call us at 844-829-1300.