Entergy Solutions -  A Louisiana program

The Entergy Solutions New Construction offering provides incentives for qualifying projects to adopt and implement energy-efficient design and construction that goes beyond the design baseline. In order to qualify, applications must be submitted within 60 days after construction is complete. Although projects may still be eligible for funding, incentives are based on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications should be submitted as soon as the project is underway to ensure funding is available.

Project eligibility

  • New building/ground-up construction.
  • Addition or expansion of an existing building.
  • Gut rehabs that include replacement of all electrical systems, including HVAC, lighting or process equipment.
  • “Warm Shell” projects where the building envelope, central mechanical system and core lighting systems are included in the design and construction, but future buildout work or tenant improvements are permitted separately.

Incentive offerings





For more information on how to participate, call 844-829-1300 or contact us online.