Entergy Louisiana is committed to providing its customers with reliable service at the lowest reasonable cost. Resource planning is an important process the company employs to help it achieve that goal. Resource planning takes into account estimates of customers’ future energy needs and the resources available to serve those needs.

For many years, the company has developed resource plans to assist in deciding how to serve its customers. In 2007, the Louisiana Public Service Commission opened a rulemaking process to study the feasibility of uniform resource planning rules for all jurisdictional utilities. Entergy Louisiana actively participated in the rulemaking, which resulted in the issuance of a Commission General Order and Integrated Resource Planning rules in April 2012.

We initiated a 2015 and 2019 IRP processes in October 2013 and October 2017, respectively, in accordance with the IRP rules. Throughout those two cycles, Entergy Louisiana, LPSC staff and stakeholders worked through a collaborative process which resulted in Entergy Louisiana's Final 2015 and 2019 IRP Reports. In both instances, the LPSC acknowledged that Entergy Louisiana had met the requirements of the IRP rules with its Final Reports. For more information regarding Entergy Louisiana’s participation in the IRP process, visit the links below.

Entergy Louisiana has now initiated its 3rd IRP Cycle as required by the LPSC’s Rules. Visit the link below for more information regarding our participation in the IRP process.