Entergy Solutions -  A Louisiana program

Agriculture-energy expenditures can be costly. Entergy Solutions offers many ways to decrease energy use and save on expenses while maintaining a modern, safe operation. The Entergy Solutions program is now offering an Agriculture Solutions program for Agribusiness Entergy Louisiana customers. All current trade allies are eligible to participate in this program.

Try these five energy-saving opportunities by partnering with a certified trade ally to reduce your utility costs and save money for your farm:

Ventilation systems
Ventilation systems
  • Replace your fans with high-efficiency models.
  • Manage fan speeds based on moisture levels and air temperature.
  • Achieve greater energy efficiency with increased fan diameter.
Lighting systems
Lighting systems
  • Choose LED lamps and fixtures.
  • Utilize timers and motion sensors.
  • Extend equipment life with routine maintenance.
Irrigation systems
Irrigation systems
  • Reduce well pump motor horsepower to save up to 40% in energy costs.
  • Ensure proper spacing of low-pressure nozzles.
  • Reduce system pressure and achieve a 35% reduction in energy costs.
Refrigeration systems
Refrigeration systems
  • Spray refrigerated areas with cold water.
  • Ensure refrigeration storage is properly insulated.
  • Utilize energy-efficient compressors, heat exchangers and refrigerants.
Variable Frequency Drives
Variable Frequency Drives or VFDs
  • Gain greater flexibility by installing VFDs on fans and irrigation pumps.
  • Match the operational speed of electrical motors and reach up to 60% in savings.

Additional incentives are available for:

  • LED Lighting- Interior and Exterior
  • Lighting-Commercial LED Grow Lights for Indoor Agriculture
  • ENERGY STAR Dehumidifier for Indoor Agriculture
  • Motors-Low Pressure Irrigation
  • Motors-Variable Frequency Drive Ventilation Fan
  • Motors-Temperature Based On/Off Livestock Ventilation Controller
  • Motors-Grain Bin Aeration Controls

*Other measure types may be eligible for incentives associated with custom Agriculture projects.

Steps to participate

Initiate Initiate
Customer or contractor identifies project.
Apply Apply
Customer or contractor submits required documents to program. Ready to get started? Email us.
Pre-approval Pre-approval
Program performs pre-approval review. A site visit may be required.
Execute Execute
Materials are ordered and installed.
Post-installation Post-installation
Program schedules site visit and distributes incentive.

Ready to save energy and money for your farm today? For more information on how to participate, contact us online, call 844-829-1300 or email entergysolutionsla@entergy.com.