Q. Is the myAccount service secure?

A. Yes. For security and privacy of transactions, enrollment requires a user name and password to log in to myAccount. Safeguard your name and password to avoid identity theft.

For additional information, please read Entergy’s privacy policy provided on our website.

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Q. Who can use myAccount? 

A. Most customers with a valid utility account can enroll. New customers may enroll after receiving an account number. The ZIP code from your service location will also be needed. Even though you may be able to register to view your account information and Entergy bill online, there may still be restrictions that do not allow some customers to pay their bills online.

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Q. What do l need to enroll?

A. You will need your account number and the service location ZIP code from your bill.


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Q. What are my options for payment once I've signed up for myAccount?

Online Payment Options:

  • Pay One Time Using Your Bank Account (free)
  • Sign up for monthly Automated Bank Draft (free)
  • Pay by credit card or debit card using Bill Matrix ($2.95 fee), a third party service.

Pay One Time Using Your Bank Account (free)

myAccount allows you to pay your bill online using your checking account. You will be asked for routing number and account number for each bank account you enroll. You can make single payments to be posted immediately or schedule a payment prior to or on the due date for your current utility bill.


Sign up for monthly Automatic Bank Draft (free)

You may also sign up online for a recurring payment to be made using your bank account that will post each month on the due date for your utility bill.

Pay By Credit Card or Debit Card Using Third Party Bill Matrix ($2.95 fee)

From myAccount, we provide a link to the website of Bill Matrix Corporation for payment of your current utility bill by credit or debit card.

Other Entergy Payment Options

If you enroll in myAccount to view your utility bills and manage account information, you may still pay your bill through one of the other payment channels shown below:

  • Mail-in
  • Automatic Bank Draft
  • Quick Payment Centers (QPC)
  • Pay by Phone
  • CheckFree

Pay by Mail

It’s fast, easy, and one stamp is all it takes for your payment to reach us. Please include your account information on your check or money order to help facilitate timely posting. You can find our mailing addresses by simply going to the Entergy.com home page, choosing your state, and selecting Payment Options. You will see the address to use for mailing your payment.

Pay by Automatic Bank Draft

If you are currently enrolled in Automatic Bank Draft program, you can still receive your utility bill online, and we will continue to debit your account each month on the due date of your current utility bill.

Quick Payment Centers (walk-in locations)

Even if you are registered for myAccount, you can still take your payment to a Quick Payment Center. You will need to print a copy of your bill, including the stub, and bring it with you. Remember, if you make a payment at both a walk-in site and on myAccount, both payments will be processed.

Pay by Phone

In partnership with our vendor, Bill Matrix, Entergy offers a Pay-by-Phone option for residential and small business customers. You can pay your bill over the phone using a credit card, debit card, or checking account. This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This payment option can be used by calling BillMatrix at 1-800-584-1241.

Paying by Checkfree

Customers who register on myAccount can also continue to view and pay their utility bills online at CheckFree. However, if you wish to receive your billing statement by email, you must first dis-enroll from the CheckFree service. Please remember that if you make a payment on both CheckFree and myAccount, both payments will be processed.

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Q. Who is eligible for myAccount Payment by bank account?

A. Customers who:

  • have either a Checking or Savings account with a bank or a credit union
  • have had no more than one utility bill payment fail due to insufficient funds during the prior 12 months
  • are not currently enrolled in the Collective Bill program, which allows customers with multiple Entergy accounts to receive fewer monthly statements (or, in some cases, a single monthly statement).

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Q. What is Levelized Billing?

A. Levelized Billing allows customers to pay approximately the same amount for electric service every month. For example, they pay a lower amount than their actual bill amount during the high-bill summer months, but are required to make it up with higher payments during the low-bill winter months. This creates manageable bills regardless of temperature, volatility of our fuel cost, and usage. Under this program, bills are essentially an average of the customer’s monthly utility costs over a 12-month period. Bills will vary slightly each month. The benefit of Levelized Billing is that fluctuations in bill amounts are averaged out over the year.

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Q. What is Equal Pay?

Equal Pay

Similar to Levelized Billing, this option allows customers to pay the same amount for electric service every month with an adjustment to this amount every thirteenth month based on the previous twelve months’ actual bills. Equal Pay allows customers to easily budget their electric and gas bills, only having to make adjustments once a year in most cases.

Eligibility requirements

  • All customers except for those located in Entergy New Orleans’ service area
  • Electric/gas residential and church/synagogue accounts with 12 consecutive months of service
  • Electric/gas combination accounts with 12 consecutive months of service
  • Account must have no balance due
  • Any customer using Equal Pay who has dis-enrolled my not re-enroll for six months
  • Not available for accounts participating in the Collective Bill program

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Q. What about late payments and extended due dates?

A. If you are unable to pay your bill on time, please call us at 1-800-ENTERGY (800-368-3749). The same late payment charges and extended due date policies apply to all payment types, regardless of the bill delivery method.

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Q. What are my options for receiving my bill?

You can receive a bill in a variety of ways:

  • Through the U.S. Postal Service
  • Online using myAccount
    • By email from Entergy
    • By both email and mail from Entergy
  • At www.myCheckFree.com
  • Interactive Voice Response (1-800-ENTERGY)

U.S. Postal Service

Your bill arrives by mail.

Online using myAccount

Once you register for myAccount, your bill will be available on our website for you to log in, view and pay. And, you may choose your preferred billing option:

  • Receive a paper copy of your bill in the mail and also receive and email directly from Entergy
  • Receive only an emailed statement of your bill (Go PaperFREE)

To select the appropriate option go to Bill Delivery Options and choose the option desired.

At www.myCheckfree.com

Customers who register at myAccount can also continue to view and pay their utility bill at CheckFree. However, if you wish to receive your bill by email from Entergy, you must first dis-enroll from the CheckFree service. Please remember that if you make a payment at CheckFree and at myAccount, both payments will be accepted.

Calling our Interactive Voice Response system

This is our convenient phone service where you can retrieve information about your account. Call 1-800-ENTERGY (800-368-3749), press 1 and then press 3.

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Q. How will I view my bill details and bill inserts?

A. When you receive your myAccount billing statement, you will see links to view or print your bill details and inserts. You can also log in to myAccount and view inserts and bill details online.

Payment Information

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Q. Can I choose a date other than the due date?

A. Yes. However, you cannot choose a date past your due date. For current charges, you can choose any date on or prior to the due date. For past due amounts, you cannot choose a future date; past due amounts are due immediately.

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Q. Can I pay an amount other than the total amount due?

A. . Yes. You are responsible to pay all charges on your account when they are due. You can use the “Other” option to pay an amount other than the total amount due. Any past due amount is due immediately. Any amount that is not paid when due is considered to be past due, and is subject to late fees, or additional charges, and may also result in other penalties such as termination of service.

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Q. How do I check or change the status of my payment?

A. The answer depends on how your payment is made:

Scheduled payments

You can cancel a scheduled payment up to 5 p.m. Central Time the day before the date you selected.

Processed payments

If your payment information has been sent to Entergy’s bank for processing, the payment cannot be changed or cancelled.

Automatic Bank Draft

A customer may dis-enroll from Automatic Bank Draft at any time. However, if the customer’s current payment data has already been sent to Entergy’s bank for processing, the payment cannot be cancelled or changed.

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Q. Will I be able to pay immediately after I enroll my account?

A. You can make payments online once your enrollment has been received by Entergy.

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Q. How do I enroll multiple accounts?

A. On the “Account Detail” page, select ”Add Accounts”. You will need an account number and service location ZIP code for each account you wish to add.

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Q. How long does it take for my payment to post to my Entergy account?

A. Same day payments normally post to your Entergy account immediately. Payments made after 5 p.m. Central Time and payments made on weekends and holidays will post to your account on the next business day.

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Q. I am now enrolled in myAccount for online billing and have not received my first bill electronically. Can I pay my current bill online?

A. Yes, an online payment can be made before receiving the first bill following enrollment. Log in to myAccount, click on “Pay My Bill” and follow the prompts.

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Q. What should I do if I transfer my service to another location?

A. Your new account will not be automatically enrolled in myAccount when you transfer your service. You will need to enroll the new account by using the ”Add Account” option.


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Q. Can I change my profile information after I first sign up?

A. Yes. Your profile is established when you register for myAccount. You can change your email address, mailing address, account description, password, security questions and bill delivery options. To edit anything on your profile, click “Update Account Information” or the appropriate menu selection. Your email address can be updated by clicking on the email address. Please call 1-800-ENTERGY for updates to your service address.

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Q. What if I forget my user ID or password?

A. When you enroll, you will be given a chance to enter helpful hints for your password. If you forget your password, select “Password Reminder” on the log in screen. You will be asked the security question you entered when you created your Customer Log In ID. If you successfully answer the security question, you will be sent an email providing your ID or password.

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Q. Who do I contact with questions about the website?

A. Please use our “Contact Us” Web form on the site to send us your questions, comments, or suggestions.

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Q. I am enrolled in online billing, but would like to receive a paper bill also. Is this possible?

A. Yes. Use the Bill Delivery Options to elect to receive an emailed statement only (paperless), a paper bill only, or both emailed statement and paper bill.

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Q. How do I check to make sure Entergy has my correct bank information?

A. Click the ‘Change Bank Information’ on the left side of the Account Detail page to verify or change your bank account information. Bank account information for Automatic Bank Draft must be changed through the Automatic Bank Draft process.

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Q. I scheduled an online payment, but it is coming out of the wrong account. What do I do?

A. First go to payment history to cancel the pending payment. Then click ‘Change Bank Information’ on the left side of the Account Detail page to verify your bank account information and change it as necessary. Then reschedule your payment using the new bank information. The bank information for payments that have already been processed cannot be changed.

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Q. Can I change my Automatic Bank Draft bank account?

A. Yes. But any Automatic Bank Draft payment already in progress will be processed using your existing bank account information.

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Q. Will my account draft automatically if I enroll for online billing?

A. No. You may receive your bill online without signing up to pay electronically. If you want your account automatically drafted each month, you must specifically sign up for automatic monthly payments.

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Q. How do I remove my account from Automatic Bank Draft?

A. You can cancel by selecting Automatic Monthly Payment on the left side of the bill summary page and then selecting Cancel Automatic Monthly Payments. Please note that any monthly payment that has been entered into the bank draft process will still be processed.

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Q. How do I remove my account from myAccount?

A. Update Account Information/Remove Account provides you the option to remove an account from myAccount.

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Q. How do I change the way my bill is delivered to me?

A. Choosing Bill Delivery Options allows you to elect to receive your bill by email only, both email and paper, or paper only.

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