Entergy Louisiana, LLC - Rate Schedule "GS"


All of the provisions of each rate schedule you are about to access apply when calculating a bill for service. The amount of a bill for service will be modified by any optional Rate Riders selected by the Customer or other Rate Riders that must apply.

Copies of Entergy Louisiana, LLC's tariffs are provided for informational purposes only as a convenience to our customers. Your use is subject to the terms contained in the "Legal Information" page on this website. The official tariff documents are on file with the Louisiana Public Service Commission. If there are differences between the electronic copies on this website and the official tariff documents on file with the regulatory agencies, the official documents shall prevail. In addition, Entergy Louisiana makes no warranty or representation that a particular tariff/schedule selected by a customer is available to or suitable for that customer. You are encouraged to contact Entergy Louisiana directly to determine whether a particular tariff/schedule is applicable to and/or available for your service requirements.

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General Service Rate Schedules

SGS-G Small General Service
GS-G General Service
GS-TOD-G General Service  –  Time of Day
LPS-G Large Power Service
LPS-TOD-G Large Power Service – Time of Day
LPHLF-G Large Power High Load Factor Service
HLFS-G High Load Factor Service
HLFS-TOD High Load Factor Service – Time of Day
OBP Optional Billing Plans
EEDBP Energy Emergency Deferred Billing Plan


Small General Service


General Service


Large General Service


Gas Main Extension Policy
COBP Commercial Optional Billing Plan


Energy Emergency Deferred Billing Plan

Other Rate Schedules

MS Miscellaneous Electric Service Charges
CM-G* Pilot Conjunctive Metering Service
EIS-G* Electric Service to Energy Intensive Industries
EEIS-G* Experimental Schedule to Electrochemical Energy Intensive Industries
ASPS-G Electric Service to Air Separation Plants Adjacent to QFs
SQF-G Rate for Purchases from Qualifying Facilities Less Than or Equal to 100 kW
LQF-PO-G Rate for Purchases from Post PURPA Qualifying Facilities Larger than 100 kW
SMQ-G Standby and/or Maintenance Service Qualifying For Facilities Larger than 100 kW
NGPCS-G Natural Gas Pipeline Compression Service


Miscellaneous Gas Service Charges

Street/Area Lighting Rate Schedules

ALS-G Area Lighting Service
ALS-LED Area Lighting Service - Light Emitting Diode (LED)
LS-E-G* Lighting Service to Existing Installations Only
SHL-EE Street and Highway Lighting Service for Solid State Lighting
SHL-LED Street and Highway Lighting Service - Light Emitting Diode (LED)
SLPS-G Rider for Street Light Pole Service
LED-SL-G LED and LEP Street Lighting Service

Riders and Rate Adjustments

AMS Advanced Metering System Customer Charge
CDG Optional Community Distributed Generation Rider
DG Distributed Generation Rider
FRP Formula Rate Plan
FR-1-G Fuel Cost Realignment Rider
FSPP Fuel Stabilization Pilot Program Rider
Record of Fuel Stabilization Pilot Program Billed
RRD-V-G Rider for Retail Rate Decrease
RRD-VI-G Rider for Retail Rate Decrease
RPCEA-G Rough Production Cost Equalization Adjustment Rider
NFRPCEA-G Non-Fuel Rough Production Cost Equalization Adjustment Rider
FSC-EGSL Financed Storm Cost Rider
SCO-G Storm Cost Offset Rider
FSCII-EGSL Financed Storm Cost II Rider
SCOII-G Storm Cost Offset II Rider
FSCIII-EGSL Financed Storm Cost III Rider
SCOIII-G Storm Cost Offset III Rider
FA Fuel Adjustment Rider
Record of Fuel Clause Adjustment Used in Billing
EAC Environmental Adjustment Clause Rider
Environmental Adjustment Clause Used in Billed
FIORE-G FERC Interruptible Order Retail Effects Rider
EECR-QS-G Quick Start Energy Efficiency Cost Rate Rider
EECR-PE Energy Efficiency Cost Rider for Public Entities
FT Fuel Tracker Rider
AMS Advanced Metering System Surcharge Rider
RSP Rate Stabilization Plan Rider
Record of Purchase Gas Adjustments Used in Billing
IIRR-G Gas Infrastructure Investment Recovery Rider

Other Rider Schedules

UMS-G Rider for Unmetered Service
EEDR-WAP-G Experimental Economic Development Rider for Water Amusement Parks
WHS-G Rider for Water Heating Service
SMC-G Special Minimum Charge Rider to Schedules SGS and GS
ISIG* Rider to Schedule LPS and HLFS for Interruptible Service
EIS-I-G* Experimental Rider to Schedule EIS for Interruptible Service
PPS-G Rider to Schedules LPS and HLFS for Pipeline Pumping Service
NGPS-G Experimental Rider to Schedule GS for Natural Gas Treating Process Service
AS-G Rider to Schedules GS, LPS, and HLFS for Auxiliary or Standby Service
MSS-G Rider to Schedules GS, LPS, and HLFS for Maintenance of Short Term Service
PM-G Rider to LPS and HLFS for Planned Maintenance
LEDR-G* Louisiana Economic Development Rate Rider
EDR Louisiana Economic Development Rate Rider
SSTS-G* Supplemental Short Term Service
SPS-G Rider to Schedule LPS for Surplus Power During Summer Months
EAPS-G Economic As-Available Power Service
AFC-G* Additional Facilities Charge Rider
AFC Additional Facilities Charge Rider
MVER-G Experimental Market Valued Energy Reduction Service Rider 
  Rider MVER Attachment A Bid Sheet 
EER-G Experimental Energy Reduction Service Rider 
LCOP Large Customer Optional Pricing Program 
DTK Datalink Web-Based Access to Interval Load Data Rider
COBP Commercial Optional Billing Plan (Levelized)
NM Optional Residential/Commercial Net Metering Rider
RCL Remote Communications Link Rider
REP Rate for Renewable Energy Pilot Purchases

Government and Municipal Service 

WPS-G Municipal Water Pumping Service 
SHL-G Street and Highway Lighting Service
TSS-G Municipal Traffic Signal Rate

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Power Supply Curtailment Program Supplement to Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions for Natural Gas Service
Service Policies
Legacy EGSL Service Regulations

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