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Simple Steps - Winter

You can take the chill off your winter energy bills by making some simple adjustments. If you have a fireplace, close the damper when it's not in use. Don't let your heating dollars go up in smoke!
  • Set your thermostat for 68 degrees or the lowest comfortable temperature and leave it there. Each extra degree of heat above 68 will add approximately 3% to your heating bill.

  • Keep all doors and windows closed when the heat is on. Doors and windows should stay closed even if you have storm windows and doors on the outside.

  • Open drapes to let in solar heat. Close them at night to reduce heat loss.

  • Don't block heat registers or cold air returns with curtains or furniture.

  • Check furnace filters every 30 days, and clean or replace as needed.

  • If you're gone for a few days, set the thermostat back to 55 degrees to keep pipes from freezing.

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