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If You Smell Gas

Natural gas smells like rotten eggs.

Everyone in your family should learn to recognize this smell. If you smell natural gas in your home, here's what you should do:

If you smell a faint natural gas odor:

  • First make sure all gas appliances and the burners on your stove are turned completely off.
  • Open windows—top and bottom—and wait a few minutes to let gas escape.
  • Then check the pilot lights of your gas appliances (furnace, range, water heater, etc.).
  • If you find a pilot that's out, relight it if you know how to and can do so safely. Otherwise, call in an expert.
  • If you can't find the source, call your local gas utility to report the gas odor.

If you smell a strong gas odor:

  • Do not use any devices that might create a spark, such as light switches, phones, flashlights, or even computers. The spark could ignite the gas.
  • Quickly extinguish all embers and flames including cigarettes, candles, and fires.
  • Leave your home immediately and take others with you.
  • Go to a nearby phone and call your local gas utility to report the odor.

If you smell a strong odor of natural gas, leave and call your gas utility. Never try to locate a gas leak yourself.


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