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Prevent Pipeline Damage

Preventing damage to buried pipelines is everyone's responsibility.

Entergy pipelines deliver natural gas safely and reliably to homes and businesses in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas. We regularly inspect pipelines for corrosion and effects, monitor for leaks, and conduct routine maintenance activities.

Most pipeline leaks are caused by accidental damage from excavation, construction, or farming activities. We educate the public about safety practices to prevent pipeline damage.

Look out for pipeline markers.

High-visibility markers with our 24-hour emergency phone number indicate the need for extra care around our high-pressure gas transmission pipelines: 

  • These markers are usually found at roadways, railroad crossings, and other points along the pipeline route.
  • If you notice any type of suspicious activity near a pipeline marker, call the number listed on the marker.
  • Pipeline markers do not show the exact location, path, depth, or number of gas pipelines in the area. In addition, pipelines may not follow a straight course between markers.
  • If you are doing any sort of digging project, even just planting a tree, call 811 to have all utility lines in your dig area located and marked. Never use pipeline markers as a substitute for calling 811.




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