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New Electrical Appliances

Get a safe start:

  • Before you install a new or used appliance, read the manufacturer's instruction manual carefully.
  • Before you plug in the appliance, look for cracks or damage in wiring, plugs, and connectors.
  • Make sure plugs fit securely into outlets, but don't force a plug into an outlet if it doesn't fit.
  • Never remove the ground pin (the third prong) to make a three-prong plug fit a two-hole outlet.

Take precautions with wiring.
For more elaborate appliance installation projects, turn off a circuit breaker or unscrew a fuse. (The main house switch needs to be turned off when you are handling a fuse.) Before you touch any bare wires with your hands or tools, make sure the circuit is truly "dead" by testing it with a high-voltage neon-bulb tester.

Avoid overloading circuits.
Too many appliances, or appliances that use more power than a circuit can handle, can cause a fire. If you aren't knowledgeable about your home's circuits, call a professional.

Make sure the appliance plug fits properly into the outlet and the appliance uses a GFCI or shock protector.

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