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Simple Steps - Lighting

Lighting, TVs, stereos and radios account for about 8% of your energy bill. Here are some tips that won't leave you in the dark.

  • For more light, use one large bulb rather than several smaller ones. A 100-watt bulb produces 50% more light than four 25-watt bulbs for the same amount of energy.

  • Watts indicate how much electricity a bulb will use. Lumens tell the amount of light the bulb will provide. The more lumens per watt, the higher the bulb's efficiency. Using more efficient bulbs will help control your bill.

  • Use low-watt bulbs where lighting is not critical.

  • Use "longer life" bulbs in hard-to-reach places that require less light. These lights will burn longer but don't shine as brightly.

  • Use dimmer switches to reduce energy use when brightness isn't important.

  • Clean bulbs and lampshades regularly. You can get one-third more light for your money.

  • Fluorescent lamps give five times more light and last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs. They're also cooler, so they help reduce your air conditioning costs.

  • Turn off lights, TVs, stereos and radios if no one will be in the room.

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