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Simple Steps - Cooking

Follow these cost-cutting ideas for the kitchen. Select flat-bottomed pans that fit the heating units. And use lids to retain heat and decrease cooking time.
  • Baking defrosted food uses one-third less energy than starting with frozen food.

  • Don't pre-heat if your dish requires an hour or more to cook.

  • Use your oven rather than the range whenever you can. Insulated ovens retain heat and use less energy.

  • Plan meals so several things can cook at the same time in the oven.

  • Use a timer. Remember, opening the oven door lets up to 20% of the heat escape.

  • Microwaves use less energy and cook food faster than conventional ovens. They also produce much less heat.

  • Use a pressure cooker to save time and energy.

  • Use smaller kitchen appliances, like toaster-ovens and electric fryers, when you can.

  • Lower the heat once boiling begins. High heat will only make the water evaporate faster.

  • Ceramic, glass and stainless steel cooking vessels conduct and retain heat better, therefore when baking with these type vessels, the oven setting can be lowered by 25 degrees.

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