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Commercial and Industrial

Your Rate Schedule

All commercial and industrial customers take service from Entergy under a rate schedule, which is determined based on your geographic location.  Your rate schedule is listed in the section of your bill with the heading “Meter Reading.”  For example, your bill may show “Rate: LA_SGS,” which means that your service is provided under Rate Schedule SGS-L.  Alternatively, your bill may show “Rate: GS_SGS,” which means that your service is provided under Rate Schedule SGS-G. 

Rate and Rider Schedules

A rate schedule describes the class of service, applicability, territory, per unit charges and special conditions of service applicable to service under the schedule. A rider schedule modifies one or more provisions of a rate schedule or schedules.

Fuel Adjustment

The fuel adjustment line item of a customer's bill reflects the actual cost of fuel purchased to generate electricity. 

Purchase Gas Adjustment

The Purchased Gas Adjustment line item of the customer's bill is the mechanism by which the company collects the actual cost of natural gas used by Entergy Louisiana, LLC gas customers. Click here.