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Geaux Green Program Update

Thank you for visiting geauxgreen.com! The Geaux Green program is no longer open to new customers and existing customers will see the final Geaux Green charge on their July 2010 electric bill.

In April 2007, Entergy Gulf States Louisiana (“EGSL”) unveiled the Geaux Green Pilot, which was later expanded to include Entergy Louisiana (“ELL”). The purpose of the pilot program was to allow EGSL, ELL, and the Louisiana Public Service Commission (“LPSC”) to gather information on the availability of renewable resources in Louisiana and the willingness of customers to pay a premium for renewable energy.

In 2009, the LPSC initiated a second review of the feasibility of adopting a Renewable Portfolio Standard in Louisiana. As a result of that effort, and in part due to the support of Geaux Green participants, the LPSC voted in June 2010 to move forward with a Renewable Energy Pilot Program for all LPSC-regulated utilities including ELL and EGSL. The Renewable Energy Pilot Program’s stated goals are to:

• add in-state resources that result in reliable and economical long-term electric supply,

• diversify Louisiana’s fuel mix and provide greater energy security,

• encourage private investment and job creation, and

• improve air quality,

• while managing the uncertainty of the cost of these activities on Louisiana electric customers. 

Specifically, the Renewable Energy Pilot features a research program to encourage and evaluate small-scale renewable energy projects sited in Louisiana as well as a Request For Proposals (“2010 Renewable RFP”) whereby utilities will evaluate the economics and viability of larger-scale renewable energy projects. More information will be forthcoming regarding the research program. The details of the long-term 2010 Renewable RFP can be found at