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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I notify Entergy of proposed attachments?
A. By properly completing and submitting an Exhibit A form.

A legible map of adequate scale must accompany the Exhibit A.

Q. How do I notify Entergy of existing attachments that will be removed?
A. By properly completing and submitting an Exhibit B form

A legible map of adequate scale must accompany the Exhibit A.

Q. How much space do I have on the pole?
A. See spec sheet and follow NESC guidelines.

Q. What is my minimum clearance?
A. See spec sheet and follow NESC guidelines.

Q. How often are inventories performed?
A Inventories are performed on a 5-year cycle.

Q. What costs are associated with the inventories?
A. In most cases, the attachment customers are responsible for the full cost of the inventory, backbilling, and other applicable penalties.

Q. When is an inspection/audit necessary?
A. Compliance audits are conducted at Entergy’s discretion at any time during the year. The following scenarios will encourage the initiation of a compliance audit:

• if unreported attachments are found

• failure to comply with NESC guidelines

• failure to transfer attachments to new poles

• failure to set own anchors

Q. Who pays for the compliance or “safety” audits?
A. Attachment customers pay all costs associated with these inspections. Joint Use companies share the costs equally with Entergy.

Q. When is a new contract/agreement required?
A.• when the licensee is newly franchised

• when changes in the business render the existing agreement unsatisfactory

• when changes in the law conflict with the existing agreement

• when either party sells or assigns its assets to another

• when there are changes in the levels of excess "liability" or "general" insurance coverage by the licensor

Q. When is a new Joint Use Contract required?
A.• when the provisions of the agreement no longer properly address the relationship between the parties

• when one party fails to comply with the terms of the agreement

• when the costs associated with joint-use outweigh the benefits

Q. Who are my contacts?
A. Please click here for a contact list.

Q. What is a performance and payment bond?
A. An insurance policy paid for by the Licensee to protect the licensor. The bond amount is typically based on the number of attachments.